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UltraTouch Ergonomic Palm Buttons 
What can UltraTouch do for you?

 The patented sound ergonomic design criteria of UltraTouch advances machine cycle initiation into the 21st century. The UltraTouch system has been designed so the machine operator can initiate the machine cycle with their hand and wrist area in the neutral position and with no exertion of force or pressure.

This minimizes hand, wrist and arm stresses related to the potentially harmful extension and flexion positions of the hand required to activate conventional spring loaded palm buttons. No flexing of the wrist is necessary with UltraTouch.




Wrist and hand positions are most important as contributing elements of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Wrist position is important because it affects the length and tension relationship of contracting muscles. As the angle of the joint (wrist) increases or decreases beyond its midpoint (neutral position), there is a proportional decrease in the machine operators effective strength. This means that more exertion or tendon tension is required to do a task with a bent wrist than the same task with the wrist in the neutral position. Hand and wrist posture along with force required are base contributing elements to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  

The UltraTouch system negates these problems by permitting the machine operator to activate the machine with no force or pressure and with the operators hand and wrist in the premier ergonomic position of neutral, 0° deviation and 100% hand power position. UltraTouch eliminates the normal pressure required for machine activation with conventional palm buttons of the median, ulnar and radial nerve at the wrist and hand area. UltraTouch also permits the machine operator to activate the machine cycle with or without hand protection devices such as splints and even heavy metal fabrication work gloves.

 Hand Illustration

Reference--Hand and Wrist Positions

The machine operators reference hand and wrist positions illustrate the degree of wrist deviation (bending) expressed as a percentage of hand power grip as measured in the neutral (natural) position. The UltraTouch system utilizes the premier ergonomic position of neutral, 0° deviation and 100% hand power for the machine operator.

The photo above shows an operators hand actuating the UltraTouch module with the correct ergonomic hand position. The hand is at rest with no angle or bending at the wrist joint and the hand is at the "thumbs up" position. This is the same natural hand and wrist position that is maintained when ones arms are at rest hanging at their side. There is no need to cup and curl the fingers or to roll the wrist to actuate the UltraTouch system.

This further illustrates the total advanced ergonomic engineering displayed by the UltraTouch design.


UltraTouch Patent Number 5,410,148 - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 


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