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Punch Press Clutch/Brake Controls

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Resolver Based PressCommander

Resolver Based PressCommander - The Ultimate Clutch/Brake OSHA and ANSI Control with Complete Press Automation Built-In 
Exceeds OSHA 1910.217 & ANSI B11.1-2009, "Control Reliable Design," Dual logic power supplies, Heavy duty resolver, System diagnostics and programming in plain English/Spanish, Can control up to four sets of operator stations, Major faults such as E-Stop, motion, brake monitor, and sensor faults are handled by two force-guided relays (Form B safety relays), Off--inch--single--continuous, Continuous ARM; top stop, anti-tie down and anti-repeat, SPM Range -1 to 500, Password and supervisory controlled keyed selector switch for security of data entry, Interrupted stroke provision with indicator, Inch mode monitoring, Crank angle and speed readout (SPM), Time-based brake monitor, Built-in motion detector and drift fault, 90° and 270° stop time tester/meter built-in, Built-in hour meter for maintenance, Built-in variable speed compensation, Servo-feed interface built-in, Six optically isolated die protection inputs, Six PLS (programmable limit switch) output relays, 100 job memory, Stroke, batch, quality, and part counters, Batch counter output relay, Die protection output relay, Speed output relay,
Auxiliary output relay, Optional Ethernet or DeviceNet and PC Link to allow offline job creation and storage.


Mechanical Rotary Cam Switch Model 3200 SS

Mechanical Rotary-Cam Switch Model 3200 SS
Completely prewired and ready for installation. System supplied complete with a well marked terminal strip for easy, safe, and accurate electrical interface to the various punch press components. Due to the hybrid design characteristics of the 3200 SS, a main power disconnect switch and magnetic motor starters can be supplied in the same control panel.

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