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UltraTouch Ergonomic Palm Buttons 


UL-601 (Specify AC or DC)
Anti-tie down/concurrent operation module. This assembly supplies the control that when added to two (2) UltraTouch devices assures that the operator occupies both hands and must initiate both UltraTouch devices within a preset period of time. The anti-tie down/concurrent module comes in a Nema 12 enclosure and can be added to any of the styles. Nema 12 enclosure 6" x 8" x 6" This is required on all machines that do not have this capability in the machine control. (Available without the box. Part # UL-601-NB module. Requires 4" x 5" space.)


The Model 8500 adjustable pedestal mount can be utilized for mounting the operator stations or the UltraTouch modules off the machine. These adjustable height pedestals are painted OSHA yellow and are of heavy angle construction with a floor mounting plate that can be lagged to the floor. The adjustable height feature assures the correct ergonomic position for various size operators. This will help control stretching and pulling strains of the operator. Height Adjustment Range (32.5" to 47") (826mm to 1194mm)
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Yellow Enclosure
(shown at the left)


Operator Station 5 Hole Run Bar
(example of a five hole run bar shown to the left)

Run Bar Cover


Operator Station Run Bar Cover
(example of a run bar cover is shown to the left)

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UltraTouch Patent Number 5,410,148 - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 

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