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UltraTouch Ergonomic Palm Buttons 
UltraTouch Benefits

Human Factor Engineering (Ergonomics)
UltraTouch® has been designed to interact with the operator, machine operation, and the work place in a safe and efficient way. This effective design of equipment will be most helpful in the controlling of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Cumulative Trauma Disorders.

Productivity Increases
Increases in productivity are achieved by a reduction in operator fatigue and operator injury along with basic production line cycle time decreases.

Employee Morale
Easier job related actions and movements with both work methods analysis and ergonomic checklist analysis provide a healthier and more positive work environment.

Fatigue Control
Ease of safe machine activation enables the machine operators to utilize their energy for more productive efforts. The reduction of fatigue is an essential element when trying to control Cumulative Trauma Disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Economic Justification
There are substantial costs related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome versus the costs and benefits to prevent them. Various factors that can be incorporated into the analysis are reduced overhead costs, employee morale, reductions in non-productive time, and improved productivity. Factors involved with overhead expense may include: medical costs, compensation costs, lost productivity due to injuries, absenteeism, and labor turnover.

Workman's Compensation Cost Control
UltraTouch can reduce the costs related to Cumulative Trauma Disorders in relation to Workman's Compensation Insurance claims. Both medical and disability costs can be reduced with the control of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The actual costs of Cumulative Trauma Disorders and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are actually higher than those covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance. Insurance does not cover medical treatments rendered directly by the employer, and many employees supplement the disability coverage provided by the insurance carrier. Additional costs are incurred when expenses are paid for by the injured worker or by comprehensive health insurance, which may be provided by the employer as a fringe benefit.

Reduced Maintenance
The solid state design of UltraTouch assures long life when compared to conventional spring-loaded mechanical palm buttons. The only component with a moving part is the industrial grade captive contact safety relay, and it is rated for an excess of 10 million cycles and is easily replaceable. The UltraTouch module is designed to be a direct replacement into existing operator run bar stations which is a true maintenance and installation time saver.

The UltraTouch system is designed to activate electric, pneumatic, air clutch, and hydraulic equipment such as punch presses, press brakes, molding machines, assembly equipment, tube benders, compacting presses, riveters, etc. Virtually any machine that is currently using conventional mechanical spring-loaded palm buttons can now utilize the sound ergonomic design of UltraTouch.

UltraTouch Patent Number 5,410,148 - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 

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