Safety Light Curtains, Safety Mats and Ergonomic Palm Buttons
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Design Criteria

  • "Control Reliable" Safety Mat System incorporates Pulsed Mat Monitoring
  • Utilizes the patented STTS sensor technology
  • Designed specifically for the rigorous industrial environment
  • Provides "Uniform Activation™"
  • Contains "No Dead Zones™ – ” 100% Active Mat Surface
  • "Active Edging™" feature
  • "Intelligent Matting™" capability
  • "Homerun plug connector or wire capable"
  • Multi-lingual mat controller with built-in diagnostic message display available
  • A true uniform pressure sensitive (PSI) mat system
  • Easy system to install/Easy to troubleshoot
  • No adjustments required
  • Contains no steel components to rust or deform
  • No vacuum seal to break which induces rust and leads to dead zones
  • Can absorb punctures
  • Mat provides arc-free switching
  • Dual ribbed mat housing
  • Ribbed, non-skid, or high temperature/wet environment surfaces
  • Hermetically sealed sensor system
  • The STTS Mat Electrodes are:
  • Adapts well to uneven factory floors
  • Custom engineered sensor systems available
  • Customized activation thresholds available
  • Largest selection of sizes and capabilities available
  • Intelligent floors and mats (zone/force sensitive relationships)
  • Computer interfaced SmartFloors™ and SmartMats™ available
  • Multiple patents pending
  • High-temp/non-skid welding safety mat

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