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Perimeter Trim (Part #M001) is used for anchoring the outside perimeter of the safety mat assembly to the floor and to run the mat wiring back to a location near the mat controller. The unique wire raceway is built into the perimeter trim and is supplied standard with all Part #M001 orders. The perimeter trim adds 2.5” (64mm) to mat dimension per edge.


 Cross Section View of Mats

Ordering Procedure: Specify linear feet or dimensions followed by one of the following:
TK (picture frame trim kit)
M001 (bulk)
M001-M (bulk/machined)
Custom Trim Kit (consult factory)

Example: Part # 2442TK.
This example is a 24” x 42” mat with a
24” x 42” picture frame trim kit; total area is 29” x 47”.

Active Coupler (Part #M003) is used whenever the mats are placed side to side or end to side. This will activate the “Active Edging™” feature which will eliminate dead zones between mats. The active coupler adds .25” (6mm) to mat system’s overall dimension.

Ordering Procedure: Specify Part Number and total length required in feet.

Built-in Wire Raceway (Part #M002) This innovative design concept provides excellent wiring protection for your safety mat system. The design provides an elevated off the floor wire raceway to protect the wiring and connections from fluids and caustic materials on the floor. It also provides a wiring harness to protect the mat wires from being pinched by improper perimeter trim installations commonly found in the industry.



Mat Chemical Resistance
The mat compounds have excellent resistance to acids, alkalies and salts. Hot acids and alkalies as well as concentrated oxidizing and organic acids have a deleterious effect on prolonged exposure.
Water E Sulfuric Acid F to E Benzene P
Ethyl Alcohol E Nitric Acid F to E Acetone P
Sodium Chloride E Acetic Acid F Trichlorethylene P to F
Bleach E Gasoline F    
Hydrochloric Acid F to E ASTM 1 Oil F    


KEY: E = Excellent; F = Fair; P = Poor



Components & Specifications

Mat Wiring: Dual 20’ (6.1m) 2 conductor, 22 gauge (wiring styles X and E) and 24 gauge (wiring styles W and P), multistrand wires. CSA & UL Listed.
Mat Cable Diameter: .18” (5mm)
Mat Housing: .25” (6mm) top and bottom mat housing, cross drain built-in on mat bottom, hermetically sealed, NEMA 6 IP(67) rated. Special mat housings available, consult factory.
Perimeter Trim: Part # M001 High-grade aluminum #6063-T5
Active Coupler: Part # M003D High-grade aluminum #6063-T5
Wire Raceway: Part # M002 High-strength PVC (black)
Mat Temperature Rating: -150C to 550C / 40F to 1300F
Maximum Mat Input: 24V (AC or DC) @ 75 mA


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