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NSD Wiring Options

Single Mat Capability
Save time and installation costs with single piece mat installations. Help eliminate or reduce daisy chain wiring practices required by competitive systems.
The sizes shown are typical single piece mat installations that illustrate the manufacturing versatility of the NSD Safety Mat System.

  • The wiring exit positions can be located anywhere on the mat perimeter. 
  • The mat sizes shown can easily be altered to fulfill your specific project needs. 
  • No tooling fees for special mat designs 

NSD Mat Shapes



X - (standard) Two 2 conductor wires exiting at center of mat on B dimension.

 NSD Wiring X

 W - One 4 conductor cable out of the top left corner
(home run wiring to mat controller).

 NSD Wiring W


E - Two 2 conductor wires exiting at opposite corners on B dimension.

 NSD Wiring E


P - One 4 conductor plug out of the upper left corner; 20’ (6m) plug extension supplied standard. Hardwired to mat controller.

 NSD Wiring P


 NSD Mat Label

Safety Mat Label

Provides immediate safety mat system information required by international guarding standards. The label is located on the mat surface. Bar coding is supplied standard to ease in receiving and inventory control. Customized labels are available.



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