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Break through NSD (New Switching Device) technology provides digital (on/off) switching for safety mat applications. The advanced NSD switching mechanism provides the following:

  • NSD safety mats are designed to be machine interfaced with only NSD safety relay controllers for normally open SPST 4-wire safety mats. 
  • Impact Resilient -- Heavy-duty electrode assembly and durable outer shell provide excellent impact resilience and the ability to withstand heavy loads 
  • No rigid steel electrodes used in the switching mechanism that can rust and dent. 
  • No wiring solder joints within the mat assembly that could degrade or short out. Wiring solder joints can fail under loads such as fork truck or hand cart traffic. 
  • Life cycle over 5,000,000 switch activations. 
  • NSD safety mats provide increased reliability and safety with longer product life. 
  • Customized wire exit positions available with no additional tooling costs. 
  • Flexible electrodes prevent kinking/short-outs like rigid steel electrodes when bent. 
  • Mat electrodes are: Non-Corrosive / Flexible / Non-Magnetic / Anti-Static 
  • AC or DC input power available. 
  • Large single mat capability helps eliminate additional interconnect pieces required by others and simplifies installation. 
  • Dual 20' (6.1m) lenghts of two-conductor, 22 guage multi-strand 300 VAC (four conductors total), CSA & UL listed wiring per mat eases installation time. 
  • Fast delivery on custom shapes and sizes with no need for special tooling costs. 
  • Multiple zones in one mat housing available. 
  • Designed specifically for the rigorous industrial environment. 
  • Easy to install. 
  • No vacuum seal to break which induces rust and leads to dead zones. 
  • Can absorb punctures. 
  • Dual ribbed mat housing. 
  • High-temp welding mats available. 
  • Non-skid or high temperature/wet environment surfaces available. 
  • Hermetically sealed sensor system (NEMA 6, IP67). 
  • Adapts well to uneven factory floor installations. 
  • Custom engineered systems available. 
  • Large selection of sizes and capabilities. 
  • Maximum intermittent load on an NSD mat is 3000 PSI. 
  • Patents pending. 
  • Warranty - two years. 



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