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Model CA
Cascading Safety Light Curtain
Blanking Options

 26-067  26-068

The (RSD) device provides blanking scrolling operator diagnostic message display and system status without entry into the machine control panel. This saves time for lockout/ tagout requirements and safeguarding blanking adjustments. 


The optional Remote Status Display (RSD) may be used in conjunction with the Model CA Cascading Safety Light Curtain. The RSD provides the machine operator and front line supervisor immediate system status and diagnostics when the Model CA is mounted inside the machine control panel. The RSD also controls all blanking options directly from the panel location where it is installed.

Remote Status Display (RSD) Components:

• Red/Green/Yellow indicator lights
• Diagnostic scrolling message display with 5’ (1.5m) of connector cable
• Keyed selector switch and yellow blanking active indicator supplied if blanking is used

The RSD components are mounted on a steel plate and are designed to be exterior panel mounted. The RSD option enhances safety and is a time saver at machine set-up and when maintenance diagnostics are required.

Cincinnati Interface
Description: The Cincinnati Interface is provided to allow an external device to determine if the light curtain is still capable of shutting down the safety control circuit. The Cincinnati Interface allows an external device to override the light curtain and initiate a RED condition and open up the standard output relay contacts.

Application: Cincinnati Press, PLC
• Manual Latching Relay Provision

Floating Blank - (8K) Option
The “Floating Blank” option provides the flexibility necessary to effectively guard all types of equipment that require multiple floating beams. This is quite common in the fabricating industry where the work piece moves.

The “Floating Blank” permits work pieces to be formed vertically or horizontally through the guarded area without shutting down the machine. Entry into the protected area by the operator or passerby will prevent the start or, if the machine is in motion, will provide a signal to stop the machine.

The “Floating Blank” is controlled by a keyed selector switch that will allow a work opening of 2” (51mm) based on 1/2” (13mm) increments. This information is displayed on the message display of the controller. Blanking adjustments required when die heights change are not necessary. The “Floating Blank” light curtain automatically adjusts to the various feed positions providing production with protection.

The “Floating Blank” (8K) Option includes:

1/2” (13mm) - Constant scan light curtain
1” (25mm) - One floating beam
1 1/2” (38mm) - Two floating beams
2” (51mm) - Three floating beams

Auto-Blanking - (AB) Option
The advanced “Auto Blank” option is unique because it will automatically blank out only the required number of beams needed to accept an obstruction such as a conveyor, bracket, or fixture. The unit is easily programmed by a supervisory controlled four-position keyed selector switch located on the front panel of the RSD Display. The “Auto Blank” method of blanking is much safer than DIP switch or master/slave blanking systems because only the areas of the obstruction will be blanked. This feature prohibits unsafe oversizing of the blanked area commonly found throughout the industry on manually blanked systems. “Auto Blank” also eliminates the need to count beams and to locate where and what beams are to be shut off to obtain the correct beam elevation to accept an obstruction. This information is displayed on the message display of the controller. “Auto Blank” will also watch the obstruction and, if it moves or is removed, will go into a “machine stop mode” to prevent further machine operation. This is an additional safety feature not available on manually blanked units. These features truly enhance production while providing the ultimate in safety. When the key switch is turned to the “Auto Blank” function, the “External Diagnostic Message Display” will show the number of blocked beams and where the obstruction is in the light curtain, then verify that the obstruction is being monitored. This is required information for the depth penetration factor and for proper installation of any safety light curtain. Learned Auto Blank patterns for the Model CA are stored in non-volatile memory for automatic recall at power-up.

The versatile “Auto Blank” (AB) blanking series includes:

• Constant scan light curtain
• One beam floating blank built-in plus “Auto Blank” capability
• Two “Auto Blank” modes - up to 4” blanked out (larger sizes available upon request) but need not be sequential
A. One “Auto Blank” mode with keyed reset when guarded zone is penetrated (latch)
B. One “Auto Blank” mode with automatic reset when guarded zone is penetrated

Please Note: Consult factory for larger or customized blanking needs.


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