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Honeywell FFS switches are designed to be tamper-proof, standalone safety switches that can often be used to switch relays, contacts, or safety relays directly. By removing the separate control unit, Honeywell has made it possible to use its electronic switching technology in smaller, simpler safety systems. The FFS is often suitable for use on its own, for lower category safety systems, providing two volt-free outputs (2NC or 1NC/1NO). It can be used in conjunction with safety relays where a higher category of performance is required. For ease of operation, the fixed switch has a green LED, giving true indication of FFS safety switch contacts.



  • Tamper-proof electronic switching
  • IP67 sealing
  • 7 mm to 10 mm [0.28 in to 0.4 in] operating distance
  • Guard status indication
  • UL and CE approvals  



Potential Applications:

  • Can forming and filling (aluminum, steel, and plastic)
  • Pick and place packaging equipment
  • Pick and place assembly equipment
  • Semicon equipment
  • Plastic molding equipment
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Textile machinery
  • Printing machinery


FFS Models Available  


 Part Number FFS-11-03
 Description Non-contact
 Features AC/DC 3mtr Cable with Coded Actuator and relay contacts
 Housing Material Plastic
 Approvals CE, UL
 Sealing IP67
 Electrical 30VDC 1A;230VAC 2A
 Circuitry 1NC/1NO
 Measurements 87mm x 24mm x 17mm
 Temperature Range -10 to 55C



Additional Downloads

 FFS-11-03 Overview


FFS-11-03 Single Page Printable Document PDF Document 




 FF Series Installation




Installation Instructions for the FF Series PDF Document 








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