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Universal Safety Controller HUB™
Multiple Safety Devices...One Safety Controller!
System Layout/Design


System Layout/Design and Programming Guideline

Maximum 24 inputs per Safety Controller HUB (expandable).

Safety device wiring is always divided equally between Channel A and Channel B inputs for dual channel redundancy.

Each E-Stop requires the use of two safety inputs: One in Channel A and one in Channel B.

Each Category 4 E-Stop requires the use of four safety inputs; Two Inputs in Channel A and two Inputs in Channel B.

Non-safety devices use one input in Channel A or B.

Dedicated inputs for four wire safety mats, edges and bumpers.

• Factory (with Design Questionnaire) or customer configures input type with supplied jumpers




 PNP per input

 = Ground


  Factory default setting is PNP sourcing 






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