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Universal Safety Controller HUB™
Multiple Safety Devices...One Safety Controller!


Power: 24V dc +/-10%

Power consumption: Inputs: 24 Opto inputs – Each E-Stop requires 2 inputs Each Category 4 E-stop requires 4 inputs Safety Outputs: 3 normally open (N.O held closed) Dry safety outputs @ 8 Amps @ 250VAC Solid state Outputs: 2 1/2 Amps Auxiliary Output: 1 normally open/normally closed N.O./N.C. auxiliary relay for external status indicators. @ 5Amps @ 250 VAC

Status Outputs: 8

Indicators on controller HUB front: Red, Red, Green, Amber

Reset buttons on controller HUB front: Fault Reset, Manual Relay Reset, Provision for Remote Reset button (requires one input)

Standards: Designed to meet: EN 954-1 Cat 4, IEC 61508-SIL3, ISO 13849-1 Performance Level e, ISO, OSHA and ANSI.

Response Time: 15 milliseconds

Self-checking Intervals: Every milliseconds 19 msec

USB Port: 1

CAN Network: Expansion capability for additional inputs/outputs or additional logic functions built in.

Temperature Range: 32°-120°F (0°-51°C)

Shock: Tested to withstand high vibration application per UL 991

Ethernet Network: Optional

Warranty - 2 years

Enclosure Housing: Gray polycarbonate with clear cover provides IP40, UL94V-1 Rating
Enclosure Dimensions: 5.87" (149mm) length x 4.33" (110mm) depth x 2.95" (45mm) height
Enclosure Mounting: 35mm Din-rail mountable or mounting screws on corners of enclosure requiring two combo-head screws (3.5x0.6mm x 14mm or #6 x.5)

Options Available :
External Device Monitoring (EDM)
Cincinnati Interface CI
Two Hand Control for operator machine initiation
Latching Relays
Ethernet Expansion
Customized logic functions

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