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Universal Safety Controller HUB™
Multiple Safety Devices...One Safety Controller!
Design Requirements



OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), ANSI (American National Standard Institute), and the European Standard (CE) mandate that safety circuits and safety systems used for machine guarding applications be " control reliable."

Monitoring is also required of the safety circuits to assure that system redundancy is maintained. The Safety Controller HUB performs the monitoring functions required & assures that circuit redundancy is maintained with the safety devices utilized. All safety outputs are also monitored by the control reliable internal dual channel control logic of the Safety Controller HUB.

If any fault occurs during the machine operation, (examples safety device, dual channel control logic or the safety output relays), the self-contained safety relay outputs will shut down & remove power. The power when removed from the MPCE (Machine Primary Control Element) assures that the machine will achieve a safe state status until the fault is cleared. The contacts of the MPCE & additional external safety relays can also be monitored by the Universal Safety Controller HUB when required. 

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