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Safety Glossary



VAC:   Volts AC.

VALIDATION OR VALIDATE:  For PSDI safety systems that an OSHA recognized third-party validation organization.

VALVE: A device to control the flow of a gas or liquid. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

:  Is the difference between the smallest measured value and the largest measured value for a particular setting and for constant values of the set quantities. With mechanical devices, the specifications refer to the scale end value.  For electronic devices, the specifications refer to the set time value.

 VDC:  Volts DC.

VITRIFIED BONDED WHEEL: An abrasive wheel bonded with clay, glass, porcelain or related ceramic material. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

VOLUNTARY CERTIFICATION:  Manufacturers must ensure that their products meet all the relevant regulations.  Where these regulations do not require 'Mandatory Certification', manufacturers often seek 'Voluntary Certification' to assure themselves, potential customers and authorities that their products do meet the requirements set by law.

VUC:  Volts Universal AC/DC.


WARM FORMING : The process where heating to a point below the crystallization temperature is used to assist in plastic deformation of materials.

WARM-UP DRIFT:  The difference between the first position after start-up (from a cold robot system condition) and the first achieved position after reaching repeatability stabilization. (R15.05-1)

WARM-UP PERIOD:  The elapsed time (in minutes) between the first cycle, after start-up from a "cold start" condition of the robot system, and the cycle in which position repeatability has achieved stabilization.  (R15.05-1)

WARNING:  A means used to call attention to a hazard or unsafe work practice. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

WARNING SIGNAL:  A signal that alerts the operator to a dangerous condition requiring immediate action.  (R15.02)

WELDING PRESS: A mechanically powered machine that positions parts for joining by means of resistance welding. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

WINDING SLOT: A groove in a winding mandrel into which the end of the strip is inserted. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

WING DIE: With an upright compression bending machine, the tooling mounted to the lower portion of the machine. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

WIPER DIE: With a rotary bending machine, the tooling used to wrap material around the bending form while forming a compression bend. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

WIPER SHOE: With a rotary bending machine, the tooling used to fill the void behind the bending form die. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

WIRE TERMINATION MACHINE : Generally a bench-mounted, semi-automatic machine that mechanically makes efficient electrical interconnections. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

WORKPIECE: Any material or part to be placed into the [machine], for having work performed upon it. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

WORKING SPACE:  The space in which the robot has no limitations in the movement of the mechanical interface other than those imposed by the joints. (R15.05-1)

WORKING SPACE:  The space which can be swept by the wrist reference point added by the range of rotation or translation of each joint in the wrist (secondary axes).  (ISO 8373)

WORKING SPACE CENTER POINT:  The location in the geometric center of the working space used to define the location of the standard test path. (R15.05-1)

WORK STATION: On an ironworker, the areas on the machine where punching, shearing, notching, coping or forming operations are performed. (B-11 Definitions Manual)

WORLD COORDINATE SYSTEM:  A fixed coordinate system which serves as an absolute frame of reference. (R15.07)

WRIST REFERENCE POINT:  The intersection point of the two innermost secondary axes (i.e. those closest to the primary axes), or if this does not exist, a specified point on the innermost secondary axis. (ISO 8373)


ZERO POSITION :  The configuration at which all principal joint displacements equal zero.  (R15.07)  



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